What fruit are you?

Your body is the best work of art on Earth. And the cover ups are all part of it. So to know what works for you, you need to know yourselves first. So, here we are trying to help you know better. Check which fruit are you or are you the one who is making everyone go nuts? And you will know which peels are the best!

  1. StrawberyPear                                                                                                           You are a gorgeous pear shape. A bit heavy on the hips than your bust and a nice waist that slopes in to meet your lower body. A beautiful neck, that looks oh so, proportionate with your arms and legs.
  2. Strawberry                                                                                              You have generous body tapering slowly downwards, giving it a strawberry shape. Your busts are larger than your hips. A wider back and broad shoulders keep your upper body larger in proportion. A sleeker waist and toned legs look hot & striking
  3. Banana
    Your body type is rather straight, a balance struck
    between your hips and bust. Your lower body is more Banana
    towards flat than round. A slimmer waist and toned lower  legs is where the fabric will work for you.
  4. Groundnut
    Your body is best defined by a groundnut, more commonly known as Hour glass shaped body. A body type that could make anyone crazy. Your waist shows off her curves and the hips and bust is probably of the same size. A perfect balance of your lower and upper body.

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